Requirements for Boarding
All pets over 6 months old must be spayed or neutered. NO EXCEPTIONS. No in-heat females!
  • All pets must be able to be crated and touched by strangers. All NEW pets will require a " day trial" to ensure they can be boarded in a joyful, positive manner.
Upon arrival your pet will be screened for flea infestation: if fleas are found we will administer a Capstar at the cost of $20.00 per pill. NO EXCEPTIONS severely infested pets will be REFUSED

  • Dog Vaccines: DAP2or DHPPC, Canine Influenza (CIV)  Rabies and Bordetella(kennel cough) Titers are accepted
  • Cat Vaccines: FVRCP , Rabies, FELV
  • Vaccines must be given by a licensed veterinarian only, we do not accept owner given vaccines or vaccines done by other boarding facilities, Breeders or trainers.
  • NO Exceptions with out Vet letter with detail of reason pet cannot be vaccinated, we reserve the right to decline pets due to advanced health concerns. NO HANDWRITTEN RECORDS.
We cannot board the pets with the following health conditions:
Insulin Dependent Diabetes, Renal failure needing fluid therapy, pets with feeding tubes, severe separation anxiety, severe storm fear , pets on psychotropic drug therapy or aggressive pets ( if your pet has bitten or attacked a human or pet we will not be able to board or groom them) If your pet has caused damage to your home while you are away or during gun shots or storms we will not be able to board them as boarding stress will exacerbate these issues .  

We can only board healthy pets! If your pet is sick, please take to a veterinary clinic or hospital as we do not practice medicine or provide medical treatment other than " First Aid" & we cannot give any medical advice. We want all pets here to feel their best, so if you know your pet has a contagious illness, parasite, or has any symptoms like vomiting, loose stools, coughing,runny nose, sneezing or fever , please consult your veterinarian , and let us know so we can schedule their stay for another time. 
  • NO HANDWRITTEN VACCINATION RECORDS ACCEPTED! A receipt from vet with vaccinations listed  or letter of ​vaccination on veterinary hospital letter head accepted only. If it has any handwriting on the record it will not be accepted. 
  •  Owners of pets are responsible for all monetary costs for damage to kennel property by their pets , during the stay. If your pet is destructive ie- destroys fences, cages, chews walls, or doors. YOU WILL BE ASKED TO REMOVE PET FROM PROPERTY WITHIN 6 HOURS. Damage charges and re-opening fees will apply  as well as payment for entire stay.
  • All cats MUST use a litter box  correctly. We cannot board cats that will not use a litter box for any reason. 
Requirements for boarding

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