Full service pet grooming is available by appointment only Monday- Friday, by appointment only. Now offering afternoon appointments. Small - medium pets only. No large dogs. 
  Vaccines are required! Please see requirements page.

 A full service groom includes : The furstyle  of your choice , a massaging premium  bath, deep conditioning, gentle blow dry, nails trim/grinding, ears cleaned & plucked, anal glands expressed if needed, blow dry, brush out, premium accessory and premium fragrance/ sparkle mist. 

Bathing includes 5 minute brush out, gentle blow dry. Pair with our a al carte offerings added to enhance the service. 

Bathing & grooming takes approximately 3 hours. Please be prepared to leave your pet for that length of time, should your pets be finished sooner we will notify you. A rush fee will apply if the pets cannot be left for that length of time. Pets with fleas or ticks will be treated with capstar for a additional $15

If your " love" the way your pets sparkles & smells we do sell all the products we use , as well as the accessories. 

Grooming Services

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