My personal guarantee to you, the pet owner.

1. Your pet will be respected and taken care of in a loving, gentle & safe manner.
2. Your pet will have a clean, well lit, comfortable , sanitary and safe place to call its own while here.
3.Your pet will be provided fresh clean water at all times, be fed according to your schedule with their regular diet brought from home to ensure no gastric upset, will  be given treats and chewies as you request.
4.While your pet is in my care , your pets health, safety & happiness come first.
5. I will only use top quality grooming products on your pet(s) bathing & grooming process.

We offer all pets a gentle , loving atmosphere where your pets will get ample opportunity to get out of the " cage" and play.

 Dogs are given ample play pen time with their house mates or on their own if they are an only child. We do not socialize or force play groups , this way  your pet(s) is provided one on one personalized attention. If the weather is nice, they can also lounge around in one of our spacious outdoor  runs. 
The doggy sleeping area is climate controlled 24/7 with DAP Dog Appeasing Pheromone & aromatherapy in use to ensure a pleasurable nap or sleep time.
Our feline guests have their own separate boarding building where there are no dogs allowed. They are also given ample time to stretch their paws in the indoor play area. Single families can play at a time, enjoy the window perch, or lounge on the cat tree. Feline guests also enjoy a climate controlled separate cat house with no doggy noise for ultimate comfort. Kitties also enjoy aromatherapy and Cat Appeasing Pheromone 24/7.

ALL PETS will be screened for fleas & ticks before entering kennel, if any are found they are treated at owner expense. 

Pet Camp

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