Until the CDC has lifted ALL restrictions, I will adhere to strict social distancing procedures for customers, their pets and my family. As many of you know I, myself, am in a high risk group having diabetes and an autoimmune disease. If you or anyone in your family are sick with any type of contagious illness, I ask that you keep you and your pets at home. We ask that everyone be on time for their appointment due to close customer scheduling. If you arrive early or late, and another customer is already here checking in or out, please stay in your car until that person is clear of the lobby. If your are over 15 minutes late for a grooming appointment and haven't called your appointment will be forfeit. We will be sanitizing everything in-between customers, so it is important to be patient and on time. 

Mon-Fri 8am-6pm closing Noon-1 for lunch
Saturday 8am-4pm closing noon-1 for lunch
Never open Sundays

Tours will resume as of 5/27/20. Times will be strictly BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! Please only 1 person in the building and I request you wear a mask and DO NOT TOUCH ANY PET THAT IS NOT YOURS. 

Daycare will resume 5/27/20 for established clients only. Due to pet disinfecting procedures, I am unable to take any new or visiting pets.  

Lobby is open if you would like to pay inside.  I can easily send an invoice to your email through Square if you prefer no-contact. Follow the prompts on the email to make a secure online payment for your pets service. Tipping will also be available there and as always I am grateful for the thoughtfulness and appreciation shown to me. The entire invoice must be paid prior to picking up your pet. I will also continue to take cash and as always NO CHECKS. 

*All vaccinations must be current upon arrival. The two-week window for any vet/grooming visit at a vet office will still apply.

“GROOMING” CHECK-IN. Please wear a mask!
Normal walk in to the office will resume 5/27/20 . One person in office at a time please. If you prefer, I can come get your pet from your vehicle. 

“GROOMING” CHECK-OUT Please wear a mask!
In office check out will resume 5/27/20. : If you had an invoice sent it must be paid prior to your pick up arrival. 

“BOARDING” CHECK-IN Please wear a mask!
Normal in office drop off will resume 5/27/20 if you prefer I can also come get your pet from your vehicle.. NO CLOTH BAGS ACCEPTED, please see below for all other items. 

FOOD: I prefer  feeding your pets diet from home, please purchase a new unopened bag of dog food no larger than 18 pounds food or  pre-bag food in individually zip lock bags or bring homemade cooked food if that is your pets normal diet. Please refrain from providing anything that is not your pets normal diet to prevent sickness and possible visit to the emergency vet. 

MEDICINE: All medicine must be in original prescription bottle.NO UNLABELED meds will be accepted.For emergency purposes, it is important I know what your pet is taking and what the diagnosis is.  If pet is staying longer than 7 days, do not double up doses. 

TOYS: Only one approved toy per pet allowed. Must be in good condition.Toys all tore up or ones that are too small to prevent a choking hazard will not be accepted.

BEDS & BLANKETS: Please keep these items at home!! I have everything for your pets comfort from beds, blankets and orthopedic mattresses/outdoor cots for those senior pets.

“BOARDING” CHECK-OUT Please wear a mask!
Normal in office pick up will resume 5/27/20.If you prefer I can bring your pet to your vehicle.
PAYMENT: If you had an invoice sent it must be paid prior to your pick up arrival. In-person and cash payments can be made in the lobby. 

I  love and care about each of you so I hope this will make your vacation plans less stressful while your pet is in my care. Thank you for your continued business and I look forward to seeing everyone soon for boarding or grooming. Stay healthy and give me a call for your boarding and grooming needs! I am beyond excited for the start of travel season.