Kennel Hours: non - negotiable
Mon-Fri 8am-6pm Closed noon-1 for lunch
Saturday 8am-6pm Closed noon-1 for lunch
closed sunday
There is NO MOVEMENT in or out of the property by clients during closed periods, including lunch hour. This is not only for your safety but the safety of all  the pets on premise as well. Occasionally we will be closed , to allow for Dr. visits and family emergencies. Clients scheduled that day for pick up, drop off  & grooming will be given as much notice as possible . Still being human- this is sometimes necessary. 

This facility observes the following holidays- Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving & Christmas.  Calls & emails on Holidays will be returned the next business day. NO TOURS WILL BE GRANTED THE WEEK OF ANY HOLIDAY!
Pets will still receive the quality care they are accustomed to during holidays but there is no movement  in or out of the property by clients during that entire holiday.
After-hours/ holiday calls and emails will be answered next business day. 
 It is imperative that all clients respect business hours. This property is considered a private residence after hours/ lunch hour. We do not welcome uninvited guests or trespassers to the residence at ANY time. There is absolutely no parking at the residence and walking up to the kennel. We are not responsible if you get hurt walking through the yard. . The residence is OFF LIMITS to clientele at ALL TIMES. ( I'm sure you do not appreciate people in your private space either) Anyone caught climbing over , walking around automatic  gate and fences or ramming the gates will be prosecuted  and responsible for damage. Just call the office or tap the call button on the key pad and I will gladly open the gate for your entrance for your scheduled appointment.
Clients  who do not adhere to hours are responsible for false alarm fees, legal fees for prosecution , property & pet damage/imjury , and surveillance retrieval fees. WE DO PROSECUTE for trespassing- The offending client will also be terminated from receiving ANY services from this facility.


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Grooming is done by advanced appointment Monday - Friday only. During the warmer months we book 2-4 weeks in advance, so please call ahead.