Important Information 

1. All sleeping quarters are single occupancy only. No pets will be allowed to bunk together. 

2. During your pets stay, no visitors or visiting is allowed. It simply upsets the pet too much causing unnecessary emotional distress. Not to mention disrupting other pets on premise and our strict daily schedule.

3. Limited items can be brought from home- Medications ( will be given at no extra charge), food in re-sealable containers only ( like a zip lock bag), 1 Toy, a leash, a collar, anti bark collars allowed.  NO BOWLS< BLANKETS < BEDS< or any item that presents a hazard to any human or pet on premise. NO video or audio recording devices. 

4.Pets that are destructive, aggressive, or exhibit anxiety will be dismissed and need removal from the property within 6 hours. Client is responsible for all damage done by their pet, medical cost to staff and / or other pets.

5. Any client who behaves in a abusive manner to ANY pet or staff member will be terminated and prosecuted if necessary. NO YELLING AT OR CHARGING AT BOARDING PETS. Please refrain from yelling " shut up" from the parking lot or barking at the dogs. Its not cute , its dangerous. This is a kennel and dogs will bark and I allow them to express themselves. 

6. All lives on this property deserve the best treatment and have rights. Please acknowledge the staff is human and requires all rules and regulations be met in order to properly care for pets .

7. We ask every one to apply kindness, common sense & common courtesy while on property.

8. Feel free to ask any questions regarding services, rules & regulations to eliminate any confusion. WE are here to serve. Please do NOT ask to have the business hours modified for you. The answer will be NO. Our strict schedule allows all pets to receive needed time and attention.

9. If we do not have vaccination records on file or you do not have them to show us, the pet is considered unvaccinated and a possible threat to the health of this kennel. PLEASE LEAVE PET IN CAR UNLESS WE HAVE DOCUMENTED VACCINATIONS! Do not let the pet have a potty break or any other activity as we do not wish for our boarders and personal pets to become possibly ill with viral or parasitic infections . Not only is this a facility rule  IT'S THE LAW!

10. Extended stays for new clients will require a deposit and valid form of payment kept on file such as a credit card. Payment in full is expected on the first Monday of the month for stays longer than 30 days. Deposit amount will be 4 weeks boarding rate, and if not used will be promptly refunded or applied as account credit.  

11. At NO time will dogs be allowed in the cat only boarding area. Disregarding this will result in termination of services. This ensures the safety and well being off all the cats in care.
Important Info